Update from the Church Council (4/21/24)

Dear New Life Family,

We’ve officially entered into our season of transition. Please know that the Church Council is working hard to maintain all church operations as normal as feasible and we have the pulpit filled each Sunday through mid-June at this point.

Thank you again to those who completed the Future Pastoral Assessment & Survey. We had 31 surveys completed – 22 by voting members and 9 by non-members, but are regular attendees. A few of the main themes included:
  • The desire for us to unite and gather together in fellowship opportunities more often
  • To grow – to reach more people and help them find and know the love of our Lord and Savior
  • To be more active in the community on a regular basis
  • More people serving in our existing ministries and growing our ministries
  • More frequent contact with one another via prayer meetings, bible studies, smaller group activities

We can do all of these things together. But we can only do them with your help. A small percentage of people serve, and many of us serve in more than one ministry. We fear our brothers and sisters may burn out and pray for more support and servants to join us to keep our ministries going. If you are interested, please contact the people shown on the slides before and after service, or come see me or any Council member. It would be a blessing to connect you with a ministry leader.

Our Pulpit Search Committee is meeting weekly as we work through the process. We will soon be entering a stage where we may not have many detailed updates for a while, as important aspects of the search need to remain confidential. Please know that we intend to be as transparent as possible and will continue to share weekly as we can. 

We appreciate your continued prayers and support.

With love and blessings,

The Church Council

Rachel Senor, Secretary, Interim Chairperson
Jeannie Bach, Treasurer
Ruben Haro Montelongo
Jill Hummer
James Kimberly
Melissa Lasher
Joel Panthappattu