Update from the Church Council (4/28/24)

Dear New Life Family,

While this is not a Pastoral Search Committee update per say, I am coming to you on behalf of the Church Council. We need your help. As those of you here last week heard me say, a very small percentage of our attendees and voting members serve in our ministries. Of the small percentage who do, many of us serve in more than one ministry, and burnout is real. We know everyone often has many other commitments, but we continue to pray for more support and servants to join us to keep our ministries going.

Without new servants soon, we have several ministries that will need to reduce operations, such as not having KidZone every week, and some ministries that may not be able to continue at all, such as leading our community outreach with the Hope Rocks festival this August. We are in need of musicians and singers to serve on our Worship Team, Nursery teachers and assistants to serve our littlest ones, KidZone and Girls Ministry teachers and assistants to serve our K-6th graders, hospitality servants to set up and clean up the bagels and refreshments, grounds crew to weed and mow the lawn immediately surrounding our building, and A/V team members to support with our livestream, sound, and slides. Most of these require only 20 minutes to 1 hour of your time once per month, many of which are when you’re already here for church.

Please contact the people shown on the ministry slides before and after service, find their contact info on our Ministries page on our website, or come see me or any Council member after service. We really need your help and it would be a blessing to connect you with a ministry leader and to serve with you.

Our Pulpit Search Committee continues to meet weekly as we work through the lead pastor search process. We are in a confidential stage right now, so we don’t have any information to share this week. We continue to meet, communicate, and seek counsel from the New York Ministry Network leadership and our section Presbyter, Pastor Tim Janzen.

We appreciate your continued prayers and support.

With love and blessings,

The Church Council

Rachel Senor, Secretary, Interim Chairperson
Jeannie Bach, Treasurer
Ruben Haro Montelongo
Jill Hummer
James Kimberly
Melissa Lasher
Joel Panthappattu